L.M. Browning (they/them) is a two-spirited bestselling poet whose hybrid of introspective travel writing and visual art focuses on the alchemizing of trauma through active awe-seeking and a re-wilding of one’s life and self.

Over the last fifteen years, Les’ twenty-something intention to help “ensure the mainstream isn’t the only stream,” has taken shape in the form of the enduring indie platforms: Homebound Publications, Wayfarer Books,The Wayfarer Magazine & Navigator GraphicsTheir own published works have received five Pushcart Prize nominations, two Foreword Review Book Awards, and the Nautilus Gold Medal for Poetry.

Recently Browning accepted a position on the State of Connecticut’s/NAMI’s Lived Experience Committee and received national certification as a Survivor of Suicide Attempt (SOSA), Group Peer Facilitator through the Didi Hirsch Mental Health Services Foundation in Los Angeles. They are a graduate of the University of London and Harvard University. 

Les and their coydog, Kiva, divide their time between New Mexico and Wayfarer Farm in the Berkshire Mountains of Massachusetts.

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Before words became the primary outlet for my creative expression, I was a visual artist and a dj at a skating rink (circa 1998). The days at the rink are long gone and I don’t get to sketch nearly often as I would like, but music has remained central in my life. “Ramblin’ Radio” is a public playlist I update monthly with new tracks from the DJ booth that is my Overlanding-Rigged obsidian-black Subaru Forester, affectionally called “Pearl”.

In late 2023, the two passions–words and music–will merge in my chapbook: Deep Cuts, Minor Chords: A Poetic Playlist.

Learn more and read excerpts from the collection on my substack travelogue.

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Where we leave off…

Following the release of their micro-memoir, To Lose the Madness, and the TEDx Talk at Yale University based on their life, Browning returns from a six-year poetic silence with, Drive through the Night.  

The map of these poems traces the poet’s journey of overcoming and re-becoming while set against the iconic backdrop of the American Southwest.

In Drive Through the Night, we follow the trail of an orphan-turned-vagabond who left behind the white picket fence for the open range and open road.

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drive through the night

Recent Praise 

“visually spectacular. a gorgeous ode to self-discovery and healing,”

Publisher’s Weekly

“a quiet yet fierce rebirth of the wounded spirit.”

—James Crews, Poet and Editor of The Path to Kindness: Poems of Connection & Joy

“Exquisitely delicate and lyrical…their magnum opus.”

—Caitlin Garvey, author of The Mourning Report

“breathtaking vulnerability.”

­—Will Falk, author of How Dams Fall

“Browning uses poetry and photography to detail their evolution from a socialized prisoner of expectations to a reclaimed, authentic self.”

Foreword Review

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 yale university, New Haven Conn


Since the release of their micro-memoir, To Lose the Madness: Field Notes on Trauma, Loss and Radical Authenticity, and the subsequent TEDx Talk at Yale based on the book, Browning has worked tirelessly as a Mental Health Advocate and publicly shares their own struggle with c-ptsd as a means to help lift the stigma of mental illness through storytelling. 

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Please note: If this is a mental health crisis, please Text NAMI to 741-741 to connect with a trained crisis counselor to receive free, 24/7 crisis support via text message.




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