By L.M. Browning

To Lose the Madness

Field Notes on Trauma, Loss, and Radical Authenticity

As featured in the TEDx Talk, “Writing on Life” 

“A laconic, beautiful, and deeply insightful account about coping with loss.” –Kirkus Reviews

After the publication of her short memoir, To Lose the Madness: Field Notes on Trauma, Loss and Radical Authenticity, Leslie was invited to attend the TEDx Conference at Yale University in 2018 where she gave a talk on the philosophy of Radical Authenticity and the process of transcendence trauma. After the TED Talk, Leslie went on to found the Radical Authenticity Community  The organization is a community of storytellers who, by sharing our own journey through the practice of Radical Authenticity, help to “normalize” mental illness and help dispel the stigma surrounding it. Watch Leslie’s TED Talk, “Writing On Life” below.

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The Castoff Children

“The Castoff Children is a lovely story of hope and the power of dreams and friendship….” —Tomm Moore, Director of the Academy Award nominated films The Secret of Kells and Song of the Sea

Oak Wise

Foreword by Emmy Award Winning Filmmaker Alan Cooke

Ruminations at Twilight

“L.M. Browning’s powerful poetry embodies the archetypal spiritual journey of our times.” —Drew Dellinger, author of Love Letter to the Milky Way

Midnight ponderings &

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Playlist We Live By

What seems like a million years ago now, I was a DJ. It was one of my first jobs when I was a teenager. Music is a passion I never left behind. I am routinely asked to make mixes for friends. Before I set out on the road To Lose the Madness, some readers as me what my...

The Technicolor Burning Bush | A Poem

I hear the voice of god in the hum of the neon sign at the rest stop, where the caravan of displaced desperadoes and expats post-up for the bottomless cup of coffee….

Future Primitive | Radical Authenticity

In this week’s episode Leslie M. Browning speaks with Joanna about: learning to move forward with traumatic experiences; healing is a journey; making meaning out of the loss; connected in vulnerability; the healing magic and beauty of the American Southwest; the solace and nurturance of the “wild silence”…

Lobo | A Poem

Be gentle long night, I don’t belong here. Thrown to the wolves, I shifted nocturnal.

Unspoken | A Poem

Out beyond the murkiness left by anger-tinted arguments, remember what you know in your heart and bring that truth close.

Benzos, Bardo, and Brokenness | A Poem

They say poetry must tell us something of life and the wider-world, else it is confessional blather beyond use, but what if I want it to be only for me—in all its obscurity?

Nerve-Shaken | A Poem

What are we to do, we who require silence in a world of deafening din? The far-lung corners being as far as they are, where shall we carry ourselves?

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april 5-6, 2019

IBPA Publishing University • Chicago, IL

For nearly three decades, IBPA Publishing University has been the indie publishing community’s must-attend networking and educational event. As a Board Member of the IBPA, Leslie will host several offerings over the conference. 

May 29 – 31, 2019

BookExpo • Javits Center, New York, NY

Join us at the publishing industry’s leading trade event, where Booksellers, Librarians, and Publishers gather to discover the latest titles and authors. Leslie will be in attendance representing Homebound Publications and its divisions. 

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