Seasons of Contemplation


seasons-of-contemplations_cov_2015_sm_2Seasons of C

A Book of Midnight Meditations

Paperback, Kindle, and Audiobook

ISBN: 978-1-938846-16-8 | 5 x 7 | 75 pgs

List Price: $12.95

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About the Book

In Seasons of Contemplation, Browning offers the reader humble yet impacting meditations on topics of religion, connection, mindfulness, ecology, the spiritual journey, the sources of prejudice, and the perils of modern culture. The ruminations gathered within these pages provide simple insights that help to bring sense to the chaos and hustle of our daily life.  Direct and unpretentious, Browning reminds us that “Becoming aware of the dearness in what might otherwise be regarded as mundane is the ultimate form of insight.”

Advance Praise

“…L.M. Browning’s reflections ask us not only to have hearts but to be hearts.”

—Gunilla Norris, author of Sheltered in the Heart

“L.M. Browning had me at the opening rumination to Seasons of Contemplation where she acknowledges the tiredness many of this generation feel, ‘not of the body but of the spirit.’ Like a Dark Night of the Soul for the digital age, Browning’s midnight meditations don’t sugarcoat life’s dilemmas. Instead, with refreshing honesty and vulnerability, Browning encourages us to ‘wade into the silence and listen.’ Sage advice, delivered gracefully yet boldly, characterizes this beautiful book, which will speak clearly to anyone who ever awakens in the night to wrestle with the unknowable.”

—Kate Sheehan Roach, Editor, Contemplative Journal

“In Seasons of Contemplation, Browning offers us a literary momento mori.  In her midnight stillness she reflects, both in poetry and prose,  upon what matters, what gives our lives meaning, asking the eternal question, ‘How then shall we live?’  Her pages explore different aspects of the answer; how they are all part of one unified understanding.  Each page is, in itself, a contemplation—a foil, for our own reflection. This is not a book to be read, but to be savored, slowly and in bits, as we seek our own insight.”

—Kim Orr, Executive Director, Center for Contemplative Practice

Excerpts from Seasons of Contemplation