Oak Wise by L.M. Browning


Poetry Exploring an Ecology Faith

Foreword by Emmy-winning Irish Writer and Filmmaker Alan Cooke

Winner 2013 Nautilus Gold Medal for Poetry

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Oak Wise is a collection of Celtic-themed narrative poetry exploring the old wisdom of the Druidic and shamanic traditions. This collection is approachable to the curious seeker just beginning their exploration of ecological spirituality; while at the same time remains insightful to long-time path-walkers.

In Oak Wise Browning descends with the reader into an intimate account of one seeker reflecting on the biological mother (the Earth) while communing with the ancestral consciousness to which we each are connected. This collection brilliantly reintroduces the ecological sensitivities of the old earth-based faiths; highlighting their relevance in this current age of environmental crisis.

Praise for Oak Wise

“Browning’s poetic portrait of the life of the earth connects ecological knowledge with soul-bearing expressions of love, vulnerability, and hope. By addressing herself to the earth, almost like a petitioner before an immensity, one is reminded of the Homeric Hymns. And by expressing frustration and anger with the things people do which damage the beauty of a landscape, one is reminded of early American ecologists like John Muir and Aldo Leopold. Thus Browning calls upon us not only to contemplate, but also to act.”

—Brendan Myers, author of Circles of Meaning and Loneliness and Revelation

“… Oak Wise is gentle, yet unrelenting in its exhortation of us to return to the land and a more conscious, spiritually engaged way of life.”

— J.M. Reinbold, author of Cernunnos, Ancient Celtic God

“In societies that still bear an imprint of ‘the shamanic’, male and female shamans are a voice of the sacred. In these worlds, from bardic Ireland to the crazy wisdom ngakpas of the Himalayas, poetry is a facet of the shamanic tradition. The work of L.M. Browning is undoubtedly one of these wisdom-streams. Her sight, voice and verses are a force of nature, simultaneously reminding us what we’ve forgotten and foretelling what we must remember to survive.”

— Frank Owen, Bodhiyatra Poetry

“In times when many are starting to remember we forgot many things along the road, the journey of L.M. Browning might arise other landscapes into the reader’s life and the way we relate to nature and ourselves.”

— Ximena Eduarda, The Druid Network

“…Oak Wise is a hymn to the earth, full of grief and celebration.”

—Bryn Colvin, The Druid Network