Author. TEDx Talker. Photographer. Publisher. Activist. Minimalist. Homesteader. Mountain-Dweller. Founder: Wild Silence Travel Log. 

(L.M.) Leslie M. Browning is a TEDx talker, photojournalist, and the award-winning author of twelve titles. She grew up in the small fishing village of Stonington, Connecticut. In her writing, Browning explores the confluence of the natural landscape and the interior landscape. She holds an Associates degree in Philosophy from the University of London and a Liberal Bachelor or Arts from Harvard University focusing on English, Psychology, and Digital Media. Over the last ten years of her career, she has served on the Board of the Independent Book Publisher’s Association and is a Fellow with the International League of Conservation Writers. In 2011, she founded Homebound Publications and its divisions, which has gone on to become a leading independent publisher in the country. A vagabond, Leslie’s seasonal basecamp can be found in the Berkshire Mountains & Northampton, MA areas. When not writing, or publishing the work of indie authors, she is roaming the mountains . . . which are ever-calling.

TEDx Yale: Radical Authenticity & Writing on Life

 “The theme of the Yale University TEDx Conference in 2018 is UNCHARTED. My ‘uncharted territory’ is the limits of our sanity in the face of successive trauma and our ability to transcend that senseless suffering into something meaningful via a practice I called ‘Radical Authenticity.’  What is Radical Authenticity? For me, it was a reckoning—it was the process of confronting everything in my life I’d been running from and eventually coming to own that journey . . . ”  – L.M. Browning



wild silence

“Sit with the silence. there is something there waiting for you.”


wild silence travel log


When we are out in the wild silence, we can hear our own inner-voices clearly. That is where a trusted Field Notes journal comes in handy. Some reflections are saved just for the traveler, but some are shared here. . . 

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Lobo | A Poem

Lobo | A Poem

Be gentle long night, I don’t belong here. Thrown to the wolves, I shifted nocturnal.

Unspoken | A Poem

Unspoken | A Poem

Out beyond the murkiness left by anger-tinted arguments, remember what you know in your heart and bring that truth close.

Benzos, Bardo, and Brokenness | A Poem

Benzos, Bardo, and Brokenness | A Poem

They say poetry must tell us something of life and the wider-world, else it is confessional blather beyond use, but what if I want it to be only for me—in all its obscurity?

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