Welcome The Wayfarer Group | A Journal Entry

by L.M. Browning


In 2011, with only a few hundred dollars to my name, I founded Homebound Publications and its divisions in the middle of a recession just when everyone declared print to be dead. Now, 10 years later, I find myself doing the same work of founding and building on a new front in my life.

Nearing 40 years old, I find myself balancing the need to be in motion–wandering the backroads and overgrown paths of the American landscape–and the need for rootedness, community, and stewardship. To this end, I would like to welcome The Wayfarer Group–a newly-founded company focusing on constructing a retreat center and permaculture community. This past autumn, The Wayfarer Group purchased its first raw land investment property in Berkshire Mountains of Massachusetts. As we speak, we are hard at work building this manifestation of community and communion with nature from the ground up.

This spring, as we roll up our selves and set about the task of building, I will post videos, photos, and journal reflections from the build. At last, when the property is ready to welcome guests (projected opening date: Spring 2022), we hope to see you there–deep in the Wayfarer Wood.

Warm Blessings





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