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A Poet Goes to Washington 

“It’s not the battles we lose that bother me, it’s the ones we don’t suit up for…” –Toby Ziegler, The West Wing

Since returning from the mountains, I’ve spent long nights in the office getting ready to launch a new venture (soon to be announced).

A few days ago, a message from a colleague arrived inviting me to participate in a legislative fly-in where professionals fly into Washington, DC and connect with congressional offices to share our story on important issues. So, it is to my great surprise, that I will be flying in March 19-20, 2020 to represent Independent Publishing during the meetings we have secured on The Hill. I choose to advocate for free speech, the removal the tariffs recently placed on imported books, and sustainable/eco-minded practices to decrease the footprint of the publishing/media industry as a whole.

Learning you are invited for a day on The Hill is enough to make even the most jaded former-idealist wake up, suit up, and want to leave everything on the field. As I begin to craft my message for our representatives, I feel a renewed sense of focus on solutions rather than problems. …let’s face it, we all know what the problems are. What we need is solutions; that is what I choose to lend my time and energy to.

On that note: Check back in the coming month for a website redesign and the launch of the next phase in my career as a writer, artist, and naturalist.

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