The Lost Horizon | A Poem

by L.M. Browning, from a working collection


Souls age in thousand-fold nights, wandering

across internal landscapes to desert’s

edge. At the corner of a crossroad, a

blue tail flicks and slicks as the lizard

slides through dust, around adobe wall, and

disappears in the cracked door, cadmium

yellow deep. Landscapes converge, coyotes

howl and the rattlesnake shakes, recoiling.

Milky way rivers run above sandy

scape. Daylight drown, watching stars emerge to

teach the cure that lies in the slow silence.

I had a vision there–in the land of

thick heat and shifting sheer shapes. Rocks

stacked higgledy-piggledy by tired Gods

long-evaporated under midday 

sun. They walked off down trails erased by winds 

that keep secrets from time and memory.

It was there star-crossed and awe-struck my path  

joined with a dark-eyed Delila seeking 

my soul and the doorway into my world.

Trickster, temptress, bride, I can only hope as

I abide by the heart’s pulling, following

her through trees, unto silhouetted horizon.

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