My advice to you (and myself) in 2019:

Knowing Yourself: Know your worth, know your limits, know your boundlessness, know your strengths, know your weaknesses, know your accomplishments, and know your dreams.

Protecting Yourself: Be a mirror for all those who project their darkness onto you; do not internalize it. Don’t seek validation from those who will never understand you. Don’t say “yes,” when you need to say “no.” Don’t stay when you know you should go. Don’t go when you know you should stay. Respond, don’t react. Behave in a manner aligning with your values.

Caring for Yourself: Sleep. Seek out quiet. Don’t glorify busyness. Reignite your curiosity for the world. Explore new horizons. Be honest with yourself. Be gentle with yourself. Approach yourself as you would approach a child–with a kind tone and deep understanding. Love yourself or, at the very least, have mercy on yourself.

Listening to Yourself: Unplug from the the babble. Protect your peace. Listen to what your heart knows and fuck everything else.

That is all.
Happy New Year. 😉 

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