I recently had a chance to sit down with  from Messy Roads to Motherhood podcast to talk about the difficult road I had after my miscarriage and the chronicle of it I put forth in To Lose the Madness: Field Notes on Trauma, Loss and Radical Authenticity. In the interview Sarah and I discuss the nature of what it means to heal—is it learning to “let go” or something more as well as all the messy-yet-transcendent details in between. Listen to the episode below.

The Messy Roads to Motherhood Podcast is a weekly show airing every Monday that features women sharing their journey to becoming moms. The hope for this podcast is to give women a place to freely share their story, because each and every experience is worth being told.

The topics range from infertility, adoption, and loss to single motherhood, blended families and everything in between. Nothing is off limits so that every guest can speak candidly about th

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