The Lament of the Wayfarer
by L.M. Browning
for J. and M.

When the day comes
and I at last clear this dense wood,
I shall meet you on the other side.

When the day comes
and my path circles back to the place it began,
we shall go on to that next place together.

When the day comes
and I have seen you through the worst,
we will sit together until I close my eyes
and I wake in my bed,
in that home I left so long ago.

When the day comes
and I can, at last, pull up
the moorings holding my soul in place,
I shall journey to you
and set fire to this vessel I dwell in

never to leave you again.

Photo by Nikita Velikanin

Featured in Vagabonds and Sundries: New and Select Poems as well as Fleeting Moment of Fierce Clarity

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