A Selection from Seasons of Contemplation: A Book of Midnight Meditations
Since my curiosity concerning the great mystery first emerged, I have believed that we are meant to gather an understanding of the divine from firsthand experience. While I hold a reverence for the wisdom of the past, I do not believe that insights of previous generations should go unscrutinized or unprogressed. Knowledge cannot be set in stone; for it is ever-evolving. Blind acceptance of unprogressed insight leads to a morally and spiritually stunted population. Such rigid thinking leaves us with religions that cling to outdated ideals and struggle to find their relevancy in a progressing world.

It is my belief that if we follow the heedings of our heart—follow the best instincts of our soul—we will be led to the answers we are in need of. Every soul is born connected to the divine—the immortal sacredness from which we came—and through that connection we can come to appreciate the deeper unseen workings underlining our life, and the world around us.

We use religion as an interface between us and the divine. Yet, as children of the divine, we need no interface. We need only develop our ability to listen and live in a soul-oriented manner.

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