The Crossing by Alexander Litovchenko.



Down Along the River Styx

—A Selection from Vagabonds and Sundries

Image: The Crossing by Alexander Litovchenko


Wrapped in your straitjacket of self-involvement
We plow ahead into the dark horizon
Conjured by your ill-yearnings.

You built this faulty ship
With its warped compass and missing keel,
With its brittle bones and gutted sails.

You set the course to that forsaken place
And hold to it each day no matter my pleas
And the omens warning you away.

Why must I make the journey unto ruin with you?
You do not value my companionship.
You simply want company in your misery.

You do not care how many years I lose,
Never taking into account what I might have wanted.

The only need you have of me is as a nursemaid
When at last this boat runs aground
And the vulturous society you keep comes to eat you alive.

…And you curse me for jumping ship.




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