Vaganbond_cov_smToday, I celebrate the release of my new poetry collection, Vagabonds and Sundries: Poetic Remnants of Lives Past. This collection includes over 30 new poems as well as selected poems from my past works.It has been gathering for the last 2 years or so, ever since I finished up Fleeting Moments of Fierce Clarity.

The Blurb from the Book: In this new collection, Browning bring us a poetical coming to terms, as she touches on topics such as emotional trauma, spiritual disillusionment, and lost love. It is a dirge of grief and empowerment, highlighting both sorrow as well as the spirit that remains even after all else has left us.

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Choices Scarcely Recalled


The dark molasses passing of time

During those days when I cannot recall

What I have achieved

And can think of nothing else

I am tempted to pursue.


In my youth I spoke with God

During the confluence of night and dawn.

He has since wandered off

To tend to unknown matters

Leaving me to mutter to myself.


I cannot recall how long I have sat here

Waiting for his return,

Raging at him as the years lapse.


Only to realize that it was I

Who left the conversation

To tend to a million little things

That never needed my attention.









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