(A recent journal entry…still in the works.)

218885_2438138410737_801628921_oWe enter this life with a responsibility to others. We have adopted the idea that our life is solely our own. Overlooking the possibility that a part of our life may indeed belong to humanity and that, in this, we have a responsibility to give something of ourselves.

We should live guided by our passions. Not all the self must be sacrificed to fulfill the debt we have to the greater whole but, at the same time, we mustn’t forget that we owe something of ourselves to the world.

It is not a duty and it is not a responsibility; rather, it is a returning—we were each given something that we are in-turn expected to give to those around us. We each have been filled with something—courage, certainty, hope, compassion, inspiration, insight—that we are in-turn meant to pass along to those in short supply.

This process is giving and receiving; it is our place in the circle. We mustn’t forsake ourselves but also mustn’t forsake each other. There is a balance to be struck between selfishness and selflessness—a simultaneous awareness of what we need and what those around us need, and a middle road where we can act to help ourselves as well as those who are in need.

Go towards your passion and share with others that particular strength you were given.








Text and Image (c) 2012 L.M. Browning

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