I love New England year-round but, in my opinion, her true beauty reveals itself in the autumn and early winter. As soon as the leaves begin to turn I start coming down with a terrible case of wanderlust. Daily, I have to stop myself from picking up the phone and booking a room at one of my favorite b&bs or hanging up the “Gone Hiking” sign and taking off to Walden Pond for the weekend. …if only.

Alas, it seems that, what with the economy in the shape that it is in, we all find ourselves work more and more each year. Between my various duties, I log-in around 80 hours+ a week, which sadly is an improvement from last year when I was working 100+ as I worked to complete my degree atop everything else. These last months have been particularly busy for me in the lead up to the release of Fleeting Moments  and I have been afraid that autumn would pass me by while I am stuck at my desk. I’ve had to consciously make an effort to stop and go out and enjoy the leaves before the gusts of winter arrive and turn them to dust.

While my time away from the office is usually brief, I always find it beneficial. And so,  I just wanted to write a little note heeding all my friends, colleagues, and readers to put aside what can be put aside, pack a day bag, grab a camera, leave the phone, and go enjoy the autumn weather before we are chased back indoors by the cold wind of winter. Whether you are in the country or the city, go have a walkabout; revive the spirits and give the poor mind a rest.


A Few Snaps Walking Around Boston — October 2012

Reflections on one of my recent walkabouts: I couldn’t juggle as many duties as I do if I weren’t good at planning and organizing. But, as a good friend recently reminded me, some days it is best to set out without a plan—no map or compass—and just let your feet go where they wish. Below are some snaps of such a wander-day I recently had with my dear friend “M” (as I shall call him here) who was visiting from Europe for a brief time. We decided to steal a day together so I could show him around the city. We must have walked the length of Boston and back again; nevertheless, it was nice to just set work aside, even if only for a day, and let ourselves explore.


 Old State House, Boston, MA

 The North End, Boston MA

Old North Church, Boston, MA

 Faneuil Hall, Boston, MA



A Recent Video I Took of Sunrise on the Train.



— Unplug and Go Explore!






All Images and Text (c) 2012 L.M. Browning



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