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The Late Train Home

by L.M. Browning

Featured Fleeting Moments of Fierce Clarity: Journal of a New England Poet

Image Train Window © Bernt Rostad

When I plan a journey, I never mind long travel times or layovers. Most cringe when I tell them I recently booked tickets for a seven hour journey on the train with two layovers but to me, the journey is the thing.

Some find their solace along the beach, drowsy under a warm sun; I find mine in a window-seat, traveling along the rails. No phone, no computer, no rush and no concerns. I sit withdrawn from the chaotic world, quiet within myself watching the landscape scroll by. Day moves into night and I descend deeper into myself. The horizon swallowed by night, my window becomes a mirror. I see my own reflection in the glass now—a silhouette cast by the overhead lamp in my small compartment. I look and listen. The rhythm of the wheels churning provide an orderly, comfort to a mind overwhelmed by a modern chaos.

—Boston, Massachusetts, January 2011


The Late Train Home


The river of black glass

cuts starkly through the

blanket of cotton snow.


The wind is visible today.

The icy dust highlights

its fine edges.


My time

of meditation

takes place on travel.


My mantra

is the rhythm

of the engine’s movement.


The prayer wheel turns

as the train wheels churn.


My green eyes stare impassive

at the scrolling screen outside my window

as the mind’s eye turns inward.


There is something holy

about traveling with a purpose

that serves the greater whole.


There are those who speak

of religion

and those who carry

a spirituality.


Do not speak

of what you believe;


live it.




Journal of a New England Poet

Foreword by Ian Marhsall author Border Crossings and Walden by Haiku

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