It isn’t often that we have the opportunity to fulfill a childhood dream. Years of work stretch out and days of tangible accomplishment come few and far between. But today, I find myself within one of those rare moments of fruition.

In my office, I have an archive of my early writings dating back to early 2000—long before I was published—when I wrote out of pure passion, with only a dim hope of ever being put into print. Some of these manuscripts have since gone on to be published, while others are still gathering, awaiting their time. At the bottom of each manuscript’s title page is a scribbled note where the publisher attribution would normally be: “Homebound Publications.”

In July 2011 I founded Homebound but the business itself was financially in the hands of another; however, recently I was presented with the opportunity to take Homebound as my own company. Trembling at the thought of such an undertaking during these hard financial times, I was determined nonetheless. After giving it a great deal of thought and speaking toa few trusted people in my life, I made the choice to leap and take over the business.

I write this small note to you—our faithful readership—to mark a new chapter for our publishing house. In the coming weeks you will see many changes to Homebound. We have recently launched The Wayfarer: A Journal of Contemplative LiteratureThis is a biannual journal distributed by Homebound Publications. In it we will explore humanity’s ongoing introspective journey. In early April we will celebrate the release of our first title of 2012: The Crucifixion by Theodore Richards. Finally, you may notice that our staff as expanded a bit over the transition. I welcome you to visit our “About” to read-up on the new faces that have recently come on-board.

At the end of what has been a very full day, one resounding conclusion echoes in my mind: At times we feel that our dreams may be far-off—impossible even, but all the while we can be working towards achieving them without fully realizing it. Follow your passion and you will find yourself face-to-face with dreams that you thought long passed.

With Gratitude

— L.M. Browning

Connecticut, Winter 2012



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