This December The Barren Plain: Poetry Exploring the Modern Wasteland will be released, bringing my contemplative poetry series full circle.

Drafts of these three books exist in some form dating back 3 years.  While all three could have been released in one collection, I felt it best to break up each volume into a separate book so that no one section would overshadow the other and each exploration could have its moment of focus.  And so, over the course of the year, every four months, my publisher has released one volume of the series: (Oak Wise in April, Ruminations at Twilight in August and finally The Barren Plain forthcoming in December), and now, as we come to the end, I cannot help but feel a tremendous sense of accomplishment and profound gratitude to have been fortunate enough to see my work come to fruition–written and bound to be placed on the shelf or into the hands of another I meet along the path, yet I feel even more thankful to have met so many supportive, open-minded people.

A give a deep bow of gratitude to those who have made the journey with me thus far and who will continue on with me to the next project.

Deep Peace—L.M.


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