As we start to move into the Autumn here in New England and the Summer harvests are at last in, I cannot help but look back on all that I have nurtured this past year, which is at last ready to give its bounty.

One week until the release of Ruminations at Twilight and I cannot help but give a few thoughts on the year behind me and the year ahead. Oak Wise and Ruminations at Twilight have been the focuses of my life for the last year, (along with all the other iron‘s in the fire–University, publish work, friends and family).  Since writing the two books within an intense 30 day period in the Spring of 2009, until now when they are at last published, Ruminations at Twilight and Oak Wise have been a rewarding projects. It has been a long and at times bumpy road with these two books but nonetheless I do feel a wonderful sense of accomplishment, not just in regards to seeing my work in print but in the kindred circle of friends the two books have gathered round me. Shamans, Naturalists, Fellow Writers, Eco-poets, Artists, Philosophers, Publishers, Bards…I have met all manners of open-hearted people over the past year.  I feel grateful to have been granted space on your bookshelves as well as given welcome into your creative circles.

Come January 2011, Oak Wise and Ruminations at Twilight will be joined by the final book in my completive series, The Barren Plain. Since this Spring the manuscript for The Barren Plain has lied finished on my desk, waiting for its time and I have turned my attention to other works. Next year I am looking forward to the release of my first full-length novel, The Nameless Man, which has been in the works since 2005.

So much has come into both my professional and private life this past year for which I am deeply grateful. I want to thank you all for your continued support.

Deep Peace To You All
– L.M. Browning

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