In the Hands of the Immortal Weaver

Poems of Sacredness and Belonging by L.M. Browning

Available in eBook Only
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Available in eBook Only
eBook: Amazon

In this her first spiritual collection since 2012, Browning returns to the spiritual conversation with this small unassuming collection In the Hands of the Immortal Weaver, proving that powerful things come in small packages. Harkening to the mystic poets, Browning once again leaves the structure of religion behind to set out into the wild in search of the divine. Weaving together imagery and insight, each poem imparts beauty but more importantly wisdom.


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“Browning’s verse is embedded in ancient wisdom, which springs from the Source, touching us deep in our hearts and ultimately connecting us with ourselves.”

—Maryam Mafi, author of Rumi, Day by Day

“Browning spins fibers with every word and image that beautifully weave together into a fabric of a sacred landscape. Her poignant poetry shares the depth of the complexity of a soul’s journey through birth, life, disintegration, illumination, re-emergence, and re-memberment. Every word is precise and chosen carefully opening our hearts and revealing insights into the truth that lies within. In the Heart of Immortal Weaver left me in awe”.

—Sandra Ingerman, author of Soul Retrieval and Walking in Light

“…So many poetry collections centered around rebirth and, yes, even spiritually, approach their subjects with a mallet of force, enveloping readers in a Mach-10 storm of angst. While In the Hands of the Immortal Weaver offers up the power and force, it does so with a delicate observational hand; not with a hammer. …This approach invites inspection, the slow and careful drinking in of questions that make the night restless and ‘the days frustrating’, and ultimately, a better understanding of the processes called spiritual transformation, change, and revelation. It takes a real weaver of words to accomplish all this through trails of concurrent pain and joy that lead to a definite destination, lending meaning to suffering and offering keys to the nature of happiness….”

Diane Donovan, Midwest Book Review